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Capital Campaign

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Honoring Our Past..Elevating Our Future


As you glance through this brochure, you will better understand why our church is starting a Capital Campaign to raise $340,000.00 above our regular giving over the next three years. This is a major financial commitment to ask of the people of Zion and of our Friends of Zion, but I do so because of an unquenchable desire to honor our past, and elevate our future.

As Pastor, my deepest desire is to make our mission statement a reality – to be kingdom-focused, and to grow the kingdom by winning souls, strengthening the family, and developing godly
leaders for community transformation. I believe this is possible only as the church and its membership follows and support God's kingdom agenda.

As you have supported Zion and God's kingdom agenda in the past, I challenge you to do so in our present capital campaign, as we strive to honor our past, and elevate our future. And remember,
the most effective way to maximize kingdom growth and impact, is to spend your life and resources in the ministry and presence of the church.

Called for such a time as this,

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Dr. Kelvin E. Turner
Senior Pastor

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