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The Book of Daniel


• 27th book of the Bible;

• 12 Chapters;

• 357 verses;

• 11,606 words;

• 16 questions;

• 218 verses of history;

• 79 verses of fulfilled and

• 60 unfulfilled prophecy;

• 7 commands;

• 4 promises; and

• 16 messages from God.


Did You Know?

1. Daniel was from David’s lineage

2. Daniel was a good-looking dude

3. Daniel was renowned for his wisdom and intelligence

4. Daniel’s specialty was a dream interpretation

5. Daniel’s righteousness was legendary status

6. The Bible gives us zero dirt on Daniel

7. Daniel was a government official under four kings

8. Daniel’s Chaldean name is Belteshazzar

9. Daniel’s ministry spans the entire 70-year captivity

10. Daniel introduces both Gabriel and Michael


Today’s Prayer:

Lord, thank You for Daniel who lived a life committed to your cause. With character

beyond compromise. As he is an example to me, help me be an example to others, in Jesus name, Amen.



He was young, good looking and intelligent. He had everything going for himself, until his life was forever altered. When Jerusalem had succumbed to the military might of the Babylonians, this young man Daniel was taken captive as a prisoner of war.

His noble status, and designation as cream of Israel’s crop earned him a seat at Babylon’s Institute for the Elite. He came as a teenager, and seven decades later he remained a trusted confidante, leader and advisor to the kings. He reigned under four different kings and rose to power to become the chief of the trinitarian satraps who ruled over the Persian kingdom. The book of Daniel includes his story, but it is far more than just his story.

In the book of Daniel, we find the story of the Babylonian dynasty, but also the dynastic power of all world governments. In the book of Daniel, we find the story of every Christian who dares to remain spiritual in a secular society. Daniel’s story is the story of every person who through the power of God: overcomes obstacles, tames temptations, and is exalted above evil. Daniel’s story is the story of every member of Zion whose forefathers and foremothers were brought to America on slave ships as fuel for southern economy. Now 156 years later, by God’s grace, have the testimony that “we’ve come this far by faith.”

Physically Daniel was confined to the land of Babylon, but his spiritual influence was world-wide. He served some of the most powerful leaders in all of world history. He proved to be a prophet, not only for Israel, but for the entire world. He was entrusted with this world-wide influence, because of his personal commitment, and faithfulness to the God of Israel. He was a powerful advisor to world leaders, and if we allow him, and he can be a powerful advisor and influencer in our lives.

If we want to have commitment to the cause of Christ, Daniel can show us how. If we want to know how to resist temptations, Daniel can show us what to do. If we want to: be exalted above our enemies, perform in positions of power, glorify God for his grace and represent Christ in righteousness, then Daniel can give us guidance. Bold, yet humble; confident, yet obedient; Daniel shows us how to handle power, influence, and success.

Daniel could have used his influence for his own gain. He could have used his successes to praise himself, but on every occasion, Daniel gave glory, honor, praise and credit to God. As we go through the book of Daniel over the next 21 days, let’s commit to making Daniel’s story – our story.


Questions to Ponder

How do you compare your life with the life of Daniel? What character traits does Daniel have that you desire in your life?


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