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Give Me A Moment Please

Read Daniel 2:1-23

Today’s Trivia:

In what year of his reign did Nebuchadnezzar have his famous dream?

  1. In the first year.

  2. In the second year.

  3. In the fifth year.

  4. In the sixth year.

The dream of Nebuchadnezzar

  1. Gave him great joy

  2. Troubled him

  3. Made his sleep late

  4. Made him rich

When Nebuchadnezzar threatened to kill all the occult functionaries, he was being

  1. Unreasonable

  2. Cruel

  3. Traditional

  4. Helpful

How did Daniel's three friends help him?

  1. The polished his sword

  2. They kept watch at the door and windows while he prayed.

  3. They joined him in prayer.

  4. They collected the money


Today’s Prayer:

Oh God, serving you with integrity is not always easy. Help me to be like Daniel. Help me be steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in Your work with confidence, commitment and without being cowardice. In Jesus Name, amen.


I like stories. I like listening to stories. I like telling stories. I like watching stories. I just like stores. One story or fable that I revisit every year is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. I like that story because it reminds me that speed is not the only attribute needed for victory in life.

To maintain balance in my life, I need the reminder that it’s not about speed. Consistency, commitment and discipline to the will of God are most important. When life’s challenges are great, I need to pause and make sure that I’m in the center of God’s will.

The prophet Daniel understood the need for patience under pressure. Nebuchadnezzar had threatened the life of Daniel, his friend, and all the wisemen in Babylon. Rather than rush to find a solution, Daniel asked for time.

Daniel needed time to make sure that he was walking in the will and ways of God. He needed: time to pray to God; time to enlist his prayer partners; time hear from God; time to be of good cheer and time for God to strengthen his heart.

That is what we need to pray for as well. We must trust God for the patience to wait. Waiting for God to lead you to a spouse, to having children, or to a satisfying job can stretch your faith. However, when the waiting is filled with hope and trust, it can also be a time of peace and a source of joy. Like Daniel, we need to seek God’s advice. We need to take time to hear the Lord’s whisper. We need to take the time necessary for God to give us the answer to our prayer. We need to take the time to grow and know His voice. We need to take the time to hear God plainly, and to respond obediently.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Name a time when you needed prayer partners to join you in prayer. How did things work out? What difference did it make in your prayer life?



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