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A 5-Star Rating

Scriptures for Mediation

Read Daniel 5:10-16

Questions to Ponder
What happened after the king saw the writing and the joints of his loins were loosed?
A. His teeth chattered
B. His knees smote together
C. His arms turned to jelly
D. He collapsed

Which wise men did the king call to interpret the writing?
A. The astrologers
B. Chaldeans
C. The soothsayers
D. A, B, & C

Who told the king to call Daniel to interpret the writings?
A. The Queen
B. Melzar
C. The Prince
D. Hananiah

How long after Daniel's interpretation was the king slain?
A. 1 month later
B. 1 week later
C. a day later
D. That night

Today’s Prayer Concerns:
Lord, help me not to be satisfied just knowing you. Help me to live out my faith that honors you most. Lord, I want to be a 5-star Christian, not that I may look great, but that you may be glorified and honored to the highest. Help me to keep striving to that end. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Recently, while trying to book a hotel online for a trip, a question popped up asking what star rating was I looking for. The hotel star rating system begins with 1-star as the lowest, 3-star offering some unique amenities, and 5-star as excellent with superior service and specialized amenities. The star rating system denotes the overall reputation of a business, and its service.
In the 5th chapter of Daniel, the Prophet Daniel is given a prophetic star rating. While the king is going through a tumultuous time, his queen mother shared with him not to be troubled because there is a prophet in Babylon with a 5-star rating. The queen was referring to none other than the Prophet Daniel.

During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar the Prophet Daniel: prophesied to the King, interpreted the king’s dreams, gave the King personal and professional advice, and stayed true to his God, even while facing a den of lions.

His wisdom, advice and counsel far exceeded that of the wisdom of the astrologers, magicians, Chaldean and soothsayers in Babylon. Daniel was peerless when it came to interpreting dreams and mysteries. Daniel had an excellent Spirit, so evident and powerful, that it was reported that the spirit of the gods resided in him. That’s the how the pagan worshippers saw it, but for the people of God, we know that Daniel had the Holy Spirit indwelling in him.
Daniel was a 5-star prophet. How about you? What is your Christian rating? Are you a 5-star Christian? Are you a 5-star witness? Are you a 5-star kingdom worker? As the text indicates, Daniel is not the one who gave himself a 5-star rating. It was those who knew his reputation. Daniel’s work spoke for itself. May the work that you and I do speak for us. Join me in accepting the challenge to be a 5-star witness for Christ.

Questions to Ponder
1. If your co-workers were to rate you as a Christian, what star rating would they give? How about your family? Friends? Neighbors? God?

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